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TD8 or TD6

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  • TD8 or TD6

    I am about to buy a used TD8 or a used TD 6v. Which one would be the better buy for what it does, and what would be a reasonab le price to pay. Can the CY12 and CY 15 cymbals be used with the TD8?
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    I'd recommend the TD-8 - more trigger inputs, direct outs, more sounds, positional sensing on the snare and limited COSM modeling. They generally run about $500 used. You should be fine using whatever cymbals you want.

    Though discontinued, the TD-8 has remained one of the most popular modules.

    Just my two cents. I'm sure someone will be along soon with a competing opinion.
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      Good points Vader, I agree.
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        The td8 is still a very popular module, I have one and I'm very happy with it, and for their age seem to be very competitive even with some of the later modules. I have both a cy12 and cy15 and they both work great with the td8...
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          just got a used TD-8 on ebay

          I keep dropping more and more money on v-drum stuff (I'm insane). But I know you guys know how it feels. Haha. I just got a used TD-8 on ebay for $425.

          And, I picked up a TD-6V kit on ebay yesterday, and it should be arriving about a week after I pay (which will be next week).

          I understand the TD-8 is hella old (1999?) and the TD-6V is not so (2004). The TD-8 does not understand the three-trigger cymbals like CY-12R and whatnot...... I'm guessing the TD-12 and TD-20, do, though? How's the hihat response with TD-8... better than the TD-6V?

          The main reason I picked up a V-drum kit again (this is my THIRD of the same one, but with this TD-8 upgrade) is for use with Toontrack's Superior 2.0, which I'm buying next after I get all this stuff situated.

          What do you guys think? TD-6V or TD-8? Especially for VST drum sampler use? Hihat opinions? Should I just sell it all and buy a damn TD-20? Haha.

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            I have the TD 8 mod and it works great. The cy 15 works with it, But you can't use 11/12 input with it, cause you need 2 piezo/switch inputs to make the cy15 to work right. It would be nice if people on ebay would tell you how old these mods are. Cause you can still find td 8's that are not that old (mine is 4 yrs old). There is a code on the back that tells you how old Roland items are. I found this site from a previous post to find out how old Roland products are.http://members.cox.net/praisetek/
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