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Cy-15R Bell problems STILL!

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  • Cy-15R Bell problems STILL!

    Hey All,

    I've been reading up on the problem many have had with the cy-15 doing an auto choke.

    I was able to remedy that problem, but now the bell won't work. I did the bell-shim trick and that did not get the bell to work either.

    I've checked the connections of the strips that go into the little circuit board and they appear to be fine and in there.

    Now what????

    Thanks in advance,

    Rick Godley

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    I tried the bell shim trick, but the bell shim I used was too thick. Therefore when I reassembled the cymbal with the rubber, the little membrane switch under the rim of the bell was closed all the time - this stopped the bell sound from sounding at all.

    This sounds similar to your experience.

    My first check for you would be to remove the bell shim and see if the bell sounds comes back. If it does, it would suggest that the shim material you used was too thick. Then try substituting in a thinner material - you could almost start with a layer or two of paper and build up from there.

    The membrane switch needs only the lightest touch, or movement to activate, so it really comes down to how close you can position it to the rubber rim on the inside of the bell and not have it touching.



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      Cy-15R Bell problems STILL!

      Forgive me for starting a new thread, but I thought I might get more of you experienced e-drummers reading this.

      Allow me to catch you up....
      My cy-15r was having the auto choke problem. I found the fix for that in my search through our forums. However, my bell sensor stopped working through this process.

      I tried the shim trick a few different ways to fix the bell and they did not work.

      I've cleaned around the sensor strip, made sure that they are all properly plugged into the circuit board properly (several times). And no luck with that.

      So what I just tried was plugging the cymbal back up to the module with the rubber peeled back and tapped the ribbbon sensor w/ my finger to see if I could at least get a bell sound that way. No luck there either.

      This is leading me to believe that I have some how damaged the sensor strip or the circuit board. I know it's not the cables for I have put 2 brand new cables in the mix to make sure it was not those.

      Any suggestions of what to do now?

      Thanks in advance!
      Rick Godley


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        I would call Roland and send it in to get fixed.


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          What happens when you remove the shim and take it back to pre-modification condition? Does it work?

          I ended up using a report cover I had lying around from a presentation I gave. The report cover was card stock and lamenated. It worked great the first time.

          Also make sure you press the rubber down all around the cymbal so that the cement is sticking the rubber to the plastic.
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            It sounds as though the membrane switch might be damaged.

            Last test I would suggest (posted this somewhere else actually), but seeing as you are happy to take the thing to pieces, basically strip the cymbal down until you get to the circuit, REMOVE the end of the membrane switch (MS) from the connector on the PCB.

            Now get two small wires, if you are careful you can put a wire in each side of the MS connector on the PCB. Plug the cymbal back into the module and have a listen...

            If you tap the piezo and connect the two little wires at the same time, you should hear the bell sound providing the PCB and module are not damaged. Try this a few times, if you contact the wires too early - ie before the piezo tap the module will register it as a bow shot.

            A few attempts and you will know whether you can get a bell sound. If you can get a bell sound from the module, then it looks as though the MS is damaged. I'm not sure of Roland's policy on supplying MS separately, I have a feeling they don't do it.

            Good luck, let us know your findings.