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EMU XMIDI 1x1 + usb extension cable

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  • EMU XMIDI 1x1 + usb extension cable

    Hi guys...

    I've been using an EMU XMidi 1x1 and it's been great.

    Recently I rearranged my kit and now the module is too far away from the pc for the xmidi to reach. So I slapped on a usb extension cable only to find out that it can't handle the extra length. The PC recognizes the xmidi, the power light's on but transmissions do not happen. Connecting direct works fine.

    Any one run into this?

    Would I be better off with some midi extender cables?



    Thanks everyone. I bought two female couplers and a dual 6' midi cable and that got me up-and-running!
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    Yeah, you would probably do best to use a longer MIDI cable. I have used some seriously long ones without ill effect.


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      I agree with Michael about extending midi rather than USB cables. I am using 10 metre cables between my kit and my PC with not trouble and have used cables twice that length at gigs also without trouble.