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Leg opening of KD-120

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  • Leg opening of KD-120

    Hi. I recently replaced my KD-80 with a KD-120.

    Due to the size of the unit and specifically because of much wider and fixed leg opening of the KD-120 I now have to sit much further away from the bass drum and thus also from the rest of the set.

    On the KD-80 the leg openning angle is adjustable while on the KD-120, this is not at all straight forward. I hope this can be done somehow, although the Manual does not mention this feature.

    Help will be appreciated.


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    Not sure I completely understand. Can't you put the pedal in exactly the same location as with the KD-80...just move the KD-120 further forward in the rack?


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      I'm scratching my head, too. I have the KD120, and while one of the feet kinda gets in the way of the snare drum stand, I have no trouble sitting as close to it as I need.

      The leg angle is not adjustable on the KD120, only how far the front legs stick out, and the angle of the pad itself.


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        Experienced the same problem. Does anyone know, how to adjust angle of kd120's legs to make it more compact?


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          According to the manual http://roland.com/support/article/?q...120&id=1811546 you may try the brackets (p. 5, #3) , but then you probably can't adjust it at the right angles (see p. 6, #10).

          Best, Michel
          td-30 user ;-)


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            At the end of the crossbar,there are wingnuts that have spring loaded end caps.This is how to adjust the angle and height of the legs in the rear and force down the foot pedal plate to the floor along with the angle of the drum itself.For best results,loosen all screws and adjusters and you'll eventually see it's a really clever design,alot of people have problems getting the pedal to lay flat and this is the fix for that too,just jeep everything loose and start moving and pushing the drum back and forth and down,you will get this to work,good luck!-Ken
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