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PCY-155 Work With TD-12 ?

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  • PCY-155 Work With TD-12 ?

    Hey guys, I was thinking on purchasing a Yamaha PCY 135 or 155 as a ride cymbal to use with my TD-12

    I was told that on the yamaha PCY 135 and 155, the Bell and Edge will trigger the same sound because they are wired differently than Roland cymbals.

    Is there anything you can do to make this work with the TD-12 ?
    I sure would like to go with the Yamaha cymbals as they are more than half the cost of Roland cymbals !!

    Thanks !
    Roland TD-12 Ludwig A2E 5pc kit, VH-11
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    I think there is a way to mod the PCY 150 and the PC 155 might be the same way. There use to be info available about the mod at the site below, but isn't there any longer. I guess his site crashed and he was planning to put the info back up there, but he didn't know when that would be. I was under the impression that the PCY 130 and possibly the PC 135 didn't need any mods to work properly.



    Regards, JD...
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      I too am wondering about the compatibility between the new Yamaha cymbals and a Roland TD20 module. The PCY135 and PCY155 are the model numbers I am concerned about.

      1. Do they work well as two zone triggers?

      I think somewhere deep in the Yamaha Dtxteme III thread, someone asked if the PCY135 would work out of the box with no mods. Also, there was a thread in May about this. Neither provided a clear answer. Search attempts have failed for me.

      I understand that the PCY130S worked fine as a two zone with choke. The PCY135 is a three zone trigger that may be similar to the PCY150 and need some modification.

      2. Did anyone save CaptainBingo's instructions for modding the PCY150?


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        I would be happy with 2 zone on the ride, but i dont know what zone will trigger what ?

        Anyone ?
        Roland TD-12 Ludwig A2E 5pc kit, VH-11
        Studio Drummer, Abbey Road 60's 70's 80's, AD2, SSD4, SD3
        Komplete Audio 6, JBL Eon 515XT, Mackie FX12, DAW Studio One 3


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          In the 4th post in this thread, KnipeDrums sheds a little light. Seems you get bow and edge out of the box.


          The bell may require a mod. The instructions for modding the PCY150 are no longer available. If you can find them, the PCY155 may be similar.

          Good luck.


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            (PCY 150s conversion to Roland)
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