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Lightest / lowest-impact bass drum beater recommendations

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  • Lightest / lowest-impact bass drum beater recommendations


    I have a DW-7000 double pedal. It's a great pedal, but it is designed to hit the bejesus out of an acoustic bass drum. In hindsight it wasn't the best compliment to my Simmons SD-7k, but for no it will have to do.

    I went from using the original beaters:

    to my old Danmar wood beaters :

    I play a lot of double bass and really want a quiet sound (just because I hate the actual sound of the bass drum beater hitting the pad).

    The lightest sound would be the best.

    Any ideas???


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    You'd probably want to look at the Tama Cobra beaters. You'll need a patch if it's for felt, but for least sound I'd try the felt against a felt patch. I can't remember who makes the felt patch though. I thought Remo used to. Anyway, if I remember correctly, the Tama's are slightly "puffed" or "inflated". However, that may be one of the non-felt beaters.
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