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Bass trigger is causing a popping noise????

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  • Bass trigger is causing a popping noise????

    I'm not a drummer, but the v drums we use in our band at church have started doing some wierd things. These aren't newer v drums, they're a cheaper model with the black rubber pads. The bass trigger is popping when hit with a normal amount of pressure. Lightly it works, but our drummer doesn't have a light foot. I tried making changes at the soundboard, but the problem is coming from the drums. We opened up the trigger pad and found nothing suspect. We also got a new trigger and the popping still happened. So now we're thinking it's the module. Then we tried plugging the trigger into the spare port, but got the same results.

    Has anyone seen this? Do we need a new module? We've had other issues with the outputs on this module. If you move the instrument cable ever so slightly it causes a bunch of noise.

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    It sounds like something has gone bad. Did you swap cables as well? If different cables and pads produce the same result, its probably the module.