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TD-20 output switching

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  • TD-20 output switching

    Is there an easy way to store the output configs and change them or send them through midi? I have one setup that is stereo and another that uses all 10 outputs. Thanks.

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    You can try a CF card. A lot of configuration info is stored in a backup, like triggers, etc. I don't know for sure if outputs are stored, but I would be surprised if they weren't.

    Then using a program like VDrumLib, you can transfer just the settings to other backups.


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      Not on their own, but if you save a complete backup to a CompactFlash card the output destinations get saved along with other setup information. So you could have one backup named StereoOutput and another named DirectOutput for easier switching between the two by loading the backup you need. (VDrumLib's help pages confirm that audio output routings are saved as part of the setup info: "Global Info (audio outputs, chains, etc,) = Info" http://www.vdrumlib.com/td0_Editing.html.)

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