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TD20 setup positions

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  • TD20 setup positions

    Can anyone give me some good tips on the best way to place all the drums / cymbals on the TD20 ? I seem to get the snare/kick/hi hat and then all the toms seem to be lost to the right side. Thanks for any tips on what is a good setup. My current position has the kick at 12 o clock and me facing the snare at 11 so the low toms seem like a twist to get to.
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    I like to play with the bass drum quite a stretch from me (think I inherited this from having rack mounted toms at an early age).

    Now however with the relatively smaller toms on the td20 I DO find interferance with the bass drum assembly and the right front leg of the rack.

    My current tom set up is 2 up and 2 down. First two symetrical above the snare - two down to the right. Bass drum at a reach from the central throne.

    Maybe I should rejigg all to the left hand side and offset the interference?



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      I have a pic of my setup in this post:

      My arms are short, so I have a pretty tight set up.


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        thanks for the pic but how do you get to that far right tom? i think it would be a big twist


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          Originally posted by BlickemBlickem View Post
          thanks for the pic but how do you get to that far right tom? i think it would be a big twist
          I don't sit that close in, so it's not really much of a twist.


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            If you watch my TD20 vid you will see my setup. I feel its a very natural way to play, no twists in the body and all the pedals line up with my feet the way my legs go out.

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              there is some twist going to the low toms but it looks like a very nice setup. thanks !