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How much is TD-8 worth?

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  • How much is TD-8 worth?

    Hope this is the right section for this.

    I am considering selling my TD-8. I am going away to school and will not be able to take it with me, I also need some money, so I don't want to have an expensive kit just sitting at my parents' place unused for the most part. I would probably just replace it with a cheaper acoustic kit as I am not as into drumming as I once was and I think getting an acoustic kit might re-new my interest a bit.

    Anyway, I am wondering how much the TD-8 is worth. It has all mesh heads. Both of the cymbals are ones that are shaped like cymbals (don't know what they are called lol). The hi-hat is a pad. Obviously it's used so it's not in perfect condition. The rims and cymbals are marked up of course and the rack is a bit scratched. Anyway could someone give some insight on what it might be worth? Thanks.

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    Just FYI, TD-8 only refers to the module (brain).

    I'm sure someone else will have thoughts on what the setup is worth.


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      I would do a search on ebay for roland td 8. Then go to completed auctions to see what has sold.
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