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td20 group faders sensitivity

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  • td20 group faders sensitivity

    My friend just bought a demo td20 set for his studio. I'm a drummer, so I've been trying to get it set up properly. One issue which I can't figure out has to do with the group faders. For some reason the faders only seem to use about 20% of the range of the fader. Basically below about an 80% setting the volume just cuts out. This means we have a very limited fader volume adjustment. This issue applies to all 8 of the faders, and to the aux and backing levels when switched. Is there a sensitivity adjustment I'm missing?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Chicago, IL

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    That's unusual. There's no sensitivity setting for the faders. What volume levels are set for each kit in MIXER? Tried a factory reset?



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      re: td20 group faders sensitivity

      Hey BarT,
      The volumes are all up to about 80% + in mixer. When I try a factory
      reset with the group faders at a low position 50-60%, the volume seems
      great. As soon as I touch a fader, it drops back down to a zero
      volume like before. I found this video which shows someone with the
      same problem....I've sent an email to the author to see if he ever
      resolved the issue.




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        Here is the discussion that goes along with that youtube video:

        The above thread should give you a bit more background. But, unfortunately, no resolution was ever posted for the problem. If you do find a resolution, please update this thread so that the next person in your situation will be able to find an answer.