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TD-9KX or TD-12 for playing through BFD2?

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  • TD-9KX or TD-12 for playing through BFD2?

    Hey guys,

    This is the tough decision I'm trying to make.

    Most comparisons I've seen people make between the 12 and the 9KX end up saying the same things: Inferior customisability, inferior module features.

    Considering I'm going to be popping $600AUD on a 55gb sound library, should the module features and lack of true COSM really be a turnoff for me? Is the feel and playability of the TD-9KX much different to the TD-12?

    Big thanks in advance to anyone who can give me their opinion!

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    If you don't care about the sounds at all, and will just be using BFD2 and can't spring for the TD-20 which has positional sensing, I don't think you need either, you'd probably be ok with a TMC6 or Alesis controller.



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      Many thanks! I'll be driving up to Kosmic tomorrow to give things a play.