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  • footswitch?

    I'm wondering if it exists. a midi footswitch that would allow the drummer to switch between kits, working like the + and - button on the td-12 and td-20 module.

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    Yep, I have one. It's called the MIDI Mouse. http://www.tech21nyc.com/midimouse.html
    It's a little pricey, but it's built like a tank. It has two modes. One sends a program change as soon as you tap the switch, the other lets you search for a patch number, then send it.


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      I'm not really clear on this. Do you have a TD-20/12 and just want to replicate the buttons or do you have a different module? If you have a 20/12 and all you want to do is switch between kits, get the Roland/Boss FS-5U footswitch. If you have something else, then yes, you'll need a device that sends program change commands.


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        Originally posted by JimFiore View Post
        If you have a 20/12 and all you want to do is switch between kits, get the Roland/Boss FS-5U footswitch.
        TD-20: yes on FS-5U (or FS-6). The TD-12 does not have a footswitch jack so assigning an aux pad to change kits or adding a MIDI footswitch would be possible solutions.


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          I'll be getting a td-12 in a really short time, but I'll probably buy a td-20 module in a year to expend my drumset but can't afford a complete td-20, or the module alone for now.

          Michael render: how much did this cost you? also, if I want to plug a tmc-6 into my module, is there a midi in on the footswitch for it?


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            The MIDI Mouse costs about $100. It does not have any kind of MIDI In. I use a MIDI Solutions Qudra Merge for that. It will combine up to 4 MIDI sources into one output. It cost me $90. You can get other, smaller merge boxes if you look.

            I went with this solution because I needed a lot of MIDI inputs and the ability to switch patches while my hands were occupied. There are other solutions.

            A device like the Behringer FCB1010 will allow you to select patches with your feet as well as control CC messages. It also has a MIDI merge. It is probably not the greatest device for a drummer because it has more feastures than you can use, but it is only $150.

            And if you haven't maxed your inputs, consider assigning the auxes to inc/dec patch numbers.