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Noob Question. [recording MIDI]

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  • Noob Question. [recording MIDI]

    Hi, I'm new to MIDI and I wanted to know how to record tracks with the TD-20 in Cubase. I currently have a MIDI to USB connected to my PC and have Cubase running. The sounds register in Cubase (I can see the volume bars jump up) but when I try to record there are no wavelengths displayed and nothing can be heard upon playback? Is it a bad idea to record in midi in the first place?

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    MIDI data doesn't contain any actual sounds, it just contains messages which can tell other software/hardware devices what sounds to play.

    If you want to record your playing using the sounds from your TD-20 you will need to get sound into your computer using the analog outputs on your TD-20.

    That will be the easiest and cheapest thing to do. If you want to use other sounds from Superior 2, BFD2, Addictive (these are drum samplers which operate by receiving midi messages) you will need additional software and hardware.

    I suggest reading some of the FAQs and stickys in the VST forums.