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DTXpress III Compatibility

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  • DTXpress III Compatibility

    I have a Yamaha DTXpress III kit and my HH65 HH control pedal has gone left on me. I was wondering if anyone knew if there are other pedals that work with this drum machine. It uses a 1/4" stereo cable to interface to the machine. I would prefer buying a new pedal instead of waiting on a repair.

    I appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

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    Yes you can use any hi-hat pedal from Yamaha. Or you can use any other brand's HH pedal but you will need a stereo-to-mono adapter from places like Radio Shack. Stick it in your other brand HH pedal and it will work with your Yamaha module.


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      Lost Funcionality

      Thanks for your reply Kevin! Do you know if by converting from stereo to mono if I will lose any functiuonality? With the yamaha pedal I get open, half open and closed with a "cha" sound.


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        No functionality is lost, it'll work like any other HH pedal. You'll get closed, open, half open, foot chick and splash.


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          Along those same lines. Would this same adapter allow me to use a Yamaha HH65 with a Roland module (TD12)
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            Yes, in that case you just insert the adapter into the module..