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SPDS output/misc questions

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  • SPDS output/misc questions

    Been reading different ways of hooking this up, what do you guys recommend? Picked up this unit (used) on Saturday and did an INIT/DELTE, so now I'm waiting for my CF card to come in the mail so I can do a factory restore. Right now I only have patch 1 available to me. I see the manual calls for a software restore (MIDI) using a sequencer. I don't have one, is there something on the pc side I could engage this with?

    Currently running SPDS HP out to TD12 mix in. Doesn't sound good. Getting some scratching noises. However, HP out of the SPDS sounds great. I've tried Mono out (L) with a stereo cord and only receive the left side. Thought a stereo cable on a mono channel would produce a stereo effect.

    Also, what advantage would the midi give me? I'm not gonna use the tD12 to enable the SPDS, so it seems that I don't need midi. But I'd love to hear your opinions.

    1 more question: How long does it take for the CF card to format using the SPDS. I had a PNY 128 card, tried to format on the SPDS, took over 3 hours and I got fed up and removed the card. Formatted on the PC but now the SPDS says it's unsupported. Now the card won't even read on the PC side.

    Gonna do some research on compressing loops.

    Thanks all.