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TD-12 Registration

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  • TD-12 Registration

    Hi there

    I've just took delivery of my TD-12KV BK on Wednesday. It totally rocks and I'm very pleased with it. However, I'm a little confused about the registration of this product on Roland's website.

    Two boxes were delivered. The larger box of the two contained the TD-12 Module, the PD85s, PD105, CY-12 C/Rs, KD-85 and VH-11. This box had a Serial Number on it which does not feature anywhere on any piece of hardware or on any of the components named as part of the kit contained in the box. I assume that this is the main overall product's Serial Number?

    The smaller box of the two contained the MDS-12 stand. Thise also had a Serial Number on it's box.

    Can I ask your opinions on what it is that I should register?

    1. Do I just register the TD-12KV BK and provide Roland with the Serial Number and assume that all other components will be tied to this overall product?

    2. Do I register the TD-12KV BK and also the MDS-12?

    3. Do I register each individual component - each pad and cymbal etc and provide every individual product and Serial Number even though this may look as though I'm duplicating the purchase/registration?

    What did all you folks do when you registered kits?

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    The serial number on the box may or may not identify all the items in the box. I decided to register each item separately. Doesn't hurt.
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      I never registered anything. It is not a legal requirement for warranty purposes.

      In fact, in Australia at least, manufacturer warranties can be overridden in some cases by the government statutory warranty. If a product breaks down two months after the manufacturer warranty runs out through normal use, a warranty claim can still be made.

      HERE is just one part of the Australian Trade Practises Act. I would be very surprised if other countries do not have similar laws.


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        In answer to a similar question recently, Roland's Drew Armentrout confirmed that only the kit serial number should be entered for registration, but isn't needed for warranty service; only a purchase receipt is required: TD-9S Serial Location?



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          Considering that my earlier post (that Bruce referenced) was specifically concerning Roland US Warranty & Service policy, and charlie66 is in the UK, please read the following from the Roland UK site:

          Additionally, Roland UK offers a three year warranty upon registration.

          Specific Roland UK warranty and repair details are here:

          Hope this clarifies any confusion...


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            Thanks Drew. I missed the fact that Charlie was in the UK. (Although the K-K-K-Kit model number should have been a not-so-subtle hint )



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              Thanks everyone for pitiching in. I really appreciate it as the registration was a little confusing.

              Thanks for clarifying the process Drew. Doh!!! - I didn't read that part about registering the "brain". I just scrolled down to see the product registration options. That'll teach me.

              I'm now off to register the Percussion Sound Module - aka "brain" and get my 3 year warranty.

              Thanks again folks. Your input is appreciated.