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CY-12R Bell trigger

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  • CY-12R Bell trigger

    So I just got my TD-9KX tonight, and set it all up. Really excited since it's my first drum kit.

    Anyways, I've not much experience with drums, so I don't know exactly how the bell works usually. With my current setup, it seems I have to hit the bell part really hard to get the bell to be audible (at least it sounds like the bell). The bow is usually the most audible sound when I hit the bell. Also, I noticed that when I pulled out the bow-edge plug and touched it, it made the bow/edge sounds. When I touched the bow/bell plug...I didn't hear anything.

    Does the bell trigger have to be enabled or something? Or is this just how it's supposed to work?

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    There have been lots of talk about tthis...search for things like 'bell fix', 'shim', etc. for both the cy-15 and the 12....there is a way to make the bell more sensitive, but it involves voiding your warranty for the cymbal...
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        You could make sure that the ride trigger type is set to CY12RC at SETUP, TRIG (F1), TYPE (F1). If the module had been set for a TD-9K instead of TD-9KX you may have to change defaults.



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          It takes a while to get used so have patience but once you learn you should bYou have to get use to hitting the bell with the shoulder of the stick for the bell to trigger. It takes a while to get used so have patience but once you learn you should be able to deal with it. With time you will be able to trigger the bell with the tip if you hit it hard enough.
          The bell is designed to play with the shoulder of the stick, not the tip. Its even in the manuals. I've never had a problem playing the bell on Roland cymbal pads and I don't play it hard at all. This is the way I learned to play acoustic ride cymbals anyway. IMO- even on acoustics you should play it with the shoulder of the stick to get that good bell klang. I agree that playing the bell lightly with the tip doesn't respond like acoustics do. But even on acoustic rides playing with the tip doesn't really get that good bell sound either.