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fd-7 handsonic hihat setup?

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  • fd-7 handsonic hihat setup?

    Hi all, first post on here. Just got an fd-7 hihat pedal to plug into my handsonic hdp-15. question is how do I get the fd-7 working like a proper hi-hat pedal, that is when closed one of the pads sounds closed and when open the same pad is open. all I'm getting now is the click click of the hh closing when I push my foot down and that doesnt seem related to any pad

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    You have to assign a sound between R69 and R78 to a pad, and then set the pedal to control that pad number on the pedal setting screen by selecting between PEDAL (A1) and PEDAL (C5) from the very end of the sounds list. It's all explained on Page 72 in the HPD-15 manual.