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another newb... which kit for me>?

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  • another newb... which kit for me>?

    hey all..

    Absolute newb to Vdrums...
    i have an acoustic kit at the moment. love it to bits, but can no longer play b/c of noise restrictions...

    Not sure exactly what i'm looking for... everybody seems to be recommending the TD-6 i think its called....

    what i want to know is are all modules 'upgradable'? how many pads can i plug in? are mesh pads better?


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    Welcome aboard.

    First, be sure to make use of the search function of this Web site. You'll find enough information to keep you busy for days, and you'll find the answers to all of your newbie questions and more. If you know nothing about e-drums, then you have got to do your homework.

    With that said, here's the canned answer I've offered in other threads:

    In a nutshell - Roland, Hart Dynamics and Yamaha all make excellent entry-level e-drum kits. Stay away from the cheaper brands you might find at big box retailers. They are more in the "toy" category and won't tolerate much abuse. The big three I just mentioned will stand up to a ton of punishment.

    If you are a veteran of acoustic drums, you'll likely want to do what you can to eventually get all mesh pads. They're just kinder to your wrists. However, if the budget dictates that you stick with mostly rubber pads, you'll be fine for a while until you're able to upgrade. However, most folks agree that you should at least try to get a mesh pad to act as your snare.

    E-drums are very much a "you get what you pay for" kind of item. Buy as much as your budget will allow, particularly when it comes to the module. You can always sell it off later to finance the purchase of bigger and better gear.

    Keep a close eye on eBay and Craigslist for good deals on used gear. If you're patient and do your homework, you'd be surprised at what you can find. Your dollar will go a lot further with second-hand sources than it will at Guitar Center. You also might consider converting a cheap acoustic kit into an e-kit. See the DIY section for more information on that. You can save a chunk of change doing that.

    For a quick breakdown on the differences between modules, check this link (note, the new TD-9 is not represented here):

    Best of luck.
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      Perfect answer Vader and welcome to the forum. Good luck.
      Roland Td-11KV, Alesis SamplePad, DW5000 pedal, Vater 7A sticks.