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TD6 Hi gain and compression

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  • TD6 Hi gain and compression

    I have been building a sound system for my TD6 and beyond. I started with an Alesis powered mixer rated at 325 watts per side @4 ohms, I also purchased a pair of EV Eliminator i-15 speakers which are rated a 350 - 1400 watts peak. The problem that I am having is when I go past 4 or 5 on the gain I start to get popping from the speakers. It is possible the amp is clipping due to being under powered for the EV's but I was also wondering if I need a compressor due to the wide frequency of Vdrums. I do have a Crown Macrotech 2400 power amp on order which should eliminate the clipping, but should I be running a compressor as well ?
    I know most good quality power amps have built in limiters to prevent clipping and destroying my $1200 set of speakers. The Alesis has a rumble filter to reduce severe lows but unfortunately it is not a quality amp.

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    325 watts and your getting clipping .. in the low frequency range I guess ? May mean that you may need a sub woofer (I wouldnt dare running a TD kit without a SUB).

    Adding a compressor might not fixt it if its low frequency related, because compression tends to add more punch to low end sounds.

    I'm not a sound/amp expert, but I noticed from experience that any drum kit I tried souded like crap when not amplified by a balanced digital drum sound system that included a sub. My Yamaha MD50dr kit sounds better (at 50 watts power) than the 300 watts macki kit with 15 inches drivers they were using when I last tried a kit in one of the local drum shops.

    That's my 2 cents
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      So get a pair of subs with a good crossover and send all the lows to them. Man this is getting expensive !
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