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Need opinions of Gibraltar SC-RC rack casters

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  • Need opinions of Gibraltar SC-RC rack casters

    My rack is getting big and a headache to move around for gigs. I'm thinking about getting three casters. Would this help??

    Please share opinions and experiences.

    Thank you in advance!!!!!!

    - - - Biff

    *TD-8, 2-PD80's, 4-PD 120's (all rack toms), acoustic snare, floor tom and kick with Roland triggers. Zildjian ride, crashes and china.

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    I've never used casters, and I don't think I will. The main reason - even though they might help with rolling the rack into place, many of the gigs I've played had a riser for the drums - and no ramp. So, you still have to lift the rack up there anyway. Also, even though the casers have locks, it would be just my luck that they would come unlocked at the most unfortunate moment. Then, the rack would probably roll off that riser, and there go my drums. Nah, I'll stick to "feet" on my rack.

    The short version: one vote "nay."


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      Three is an odd number!