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PD-100's & PD-120's with TD-20

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  • PD-100's & PD-120's with TD-20


    I've been thinking about upgrading my PD-100's and PD-120's to PD-105's and PD-125's.

    I've got the TD-20 Module. Is the upgrade worth it?

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    From what I have read, you will probably get a mix of yes and no. I have used a PD-120 and PD-100 with my TD-20. I was doing some Church gigs last year and I didn't want to drag my Gretsch kit so I used the TD-20 with my TD-10 drums from my previous kit. I noticed a difference between them and my Jman A to EZ drums. More responsive.

    One thing you may want to consider is to convert your drums yourself. Several others have done it. Between their old posts and some very helpful members who have already done it, I'm sure they'd walk you through it.
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      If you do a lot of rim shots and cross sticking you might notice an improvement, but that is about it. The head triggering is about the same. The PD-100s don't have rim triggering at all, so you have to decide if that is worth it.


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        I debated this subject to myself ... many times .. until I got a Pd125 ... apart from more even rim triggering ... I just could not convince myself shelling out the extra cash for the new pads .. and I love red :-) just went ahead and added an extra piezo to the pd100's and got them dual trigger.

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          I'll get a PD-125 (snare) for "even rim triggering".

          Thanks for all your inputs!
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