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VH-12 questions

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  • VH-12 questions

    Some questions regarding the physical setup of a VH-12 HH:

    1. Is there any limitation on the tilt of the HH stand? For example, if I mount a VH-12 on a cable hat stand and tilt the stand toward me at, say, a 10 or 15 degree angle from vertical, will that cause problems or malfunctions?

    2. Must the top and bottom be fixed with respect to each other (i.e., no relative rotation of top or bottom)?

    3. Must the top and bottom be fixed with respect to the stand (i.e., no rotation at all)?

    I won't receive my stuff for another week or so, but I'm trying to plan for the layout and such.



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    Hi Bob. As I understand it:

    1. I shouldn't think so. As long as the spring is strong enough to separate the pads, it should be fine.

    2. Yes, but this should be fine as I doubt the rod on a remote hat is free to rotate.

    3. Yes. The unit ships with an anti-rotation collar for this exact reason.


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      ige87 pretty much covered it.

      The only problem I can see with issue 1 is that you would have to tighten the top hat pretty stight to keep it from tilting at an angle. There is a certain amount of give in the VH-12, much like a real hi-hat.