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Low output volume from TD-8?

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  • Low output volume from TD-8?

    I'm borrowing a V-Drums/TD-8 setup from a friend for use in my home studio. When we first set it up I just plugged a pair of instrument cables from the TD-8 into my sound card (RME Multiface). The volume level coming out of the Mains was really low, even with the volume completely dimed.

    My sound card has balanced ins so I bought a pair of balanced 1/4" cables thinking this would cure the problem, but no change at all.

    I've done a factory default reset, and I've maxed out the individual volumes on all the pads plus increased the EQ gain.

    I'm still getting volume levels that are so low that I've got to max the TD-8s input channel on my sound card's mixer, and back all the other instrumentation way down to be able to hear the drums. I am using the original, official Roland TD-8 power supply.

    I know the issue lies with the TD-8 somehow, my sound card is working fine. I've been doing MIDI/recording since '88 so I'm not a novice, but I just can't believe that this thing outputs so low.

    I've checked the Headphone out and Line outs, and those are both low volume as well. I ran into a guy on another forum who ended up putting DI boxes between his kit and his mixer. On this type of gear, I would expect a pretty decent output with the volume set to high noon......that I have to have it totally dimed and still be drowned out by guitars is unacceptable.

    Any ideas?

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    Balanced cables won't help without DI boxes, and then you'd only need them from DIs to mixer, as the module outputs are unbalanced.

    You didn't mention the TD-8 faders. If these are all maxed at the top of the sliders, it may just be worth moving each one down a fraction and then back up: "When the power is turned on, the settings values previously in use when the power was last turned off are recalled, regardless of the slider positions." (TD-8 manual, Page 21). This can mean that if the faders are never moved while power is on, you can get stuck with previous low volume settings (and I'm not sure how this is affected by a factory reset).

    P.S. Where does "dimed" come from? I think it's only been used here once before in this context.



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      I would try hooking the td 8 to an amp just to see if the td 8 is where the problem is (see if the volume changes at all). Could it be something with the sound card?

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        Another idea you might want to try (if you can't solve the line outs problem) is, come out the headphone jack. Of course that is if a stereo mix is okay.