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Dangers and precautions... [outdoors heat]

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  • Dangers and precautions... [outdoors heat]

    I have an outdoor gig this weekend with my TD-12. Its suppose to be 90 degrees outside. Is it ok to use the kit in those conditions? Or are there any dangers in regards to the module or any other part of the kit I should be concerned about? If so..what precautions should I take?
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    I would keep the module shaded from the direct sunlight for two reasons, one its really hard to see your kit selection in direct sunlight, second my screen started turning darker after about thirty minutes in the heat... I had to angle my module so it was vertical to slightly facing down to keep it cool.
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      Hey I passed this thread http://vdrums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=37017 on a couple months ago to a guy I know that plays in a club and has a kit that's combination of As and Es. He was to play at an event that I was assigned to coordinate and they were playing on a portable stage outside his club so I thought giving him that link might help.

      He did make sure he was covered so he was in the shade and had more stuff there to cover his gear in case it rained, but it didn't afterall.

      He said one guy that was at the festival came up to him between sets and said he had to play his drums in a situation something like that but it was in a field with dirt roads all around it in the middle of summer during a dry spell. Said the dust was a real problem while they were playing and that the guy said too that they had to cover everything when they weren't playing 'cause of the dust building up and coating everything.

      The guy I know had a couple fans too and a cooler behind him with sports drinks (that I got for him and the other guys). He dressed in lighter casual and lighter colored clothes than his usual gig outfit inside the club, and somebody got him a headband not long after they started playing. One of the other guys in his group that plays their keyboard said he had more problems with power supply when he played outside in heat than inside.

      My friend's kit has regular heads on the acoustics and both mesh and rubber pads for the Es. I'd imagine he had to adjust his heads a few times 'cause I remember that drummers and their techs with groups and bands I toured with overseas did that especially in the desert places. But don't know if his rubber heads had any problems in the heat.

      He has a module for the Es his kit and said that he really had a problem seeing the display no matter what though, so keep that in mind too.