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  • TD10 Help

    Hi Gang

    Okay 3 days with my TD10 and theres a couple of things I can't seem to reslove even with the assistance of the huge ops manual.

    All bass drums sounds present a double or Echo click almost like cross stick, didn't happen with my TD6 I have tried all combo's of beaters and +/- tunning of the mesh head on my Koby bass drum.

    Also primary cymbal noises on my CY6's are very quiet I have maxed the volume on the display/brain(not just the faders) the back plastic half of the CY6 is mucho loud but rubber fronts like hitting a wet piece of cardboard.

    Do I have to tell the TD10 what each individual pad is i.e PD6, CY6, PD80R and so on if so is there and easy way?

    TD-12 VEX TMC-6 A2E kit 16 pieces and growing and a cursed left handed child of the devil.

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    Hi Andy

    I made an answer a while ago to solve such a double hit (ghost hit) bass kick issue on a TD12, should apply to the 10 also

    Regarding the triggers you have to select the suitable trigger for the pad and then it saves the options. Start with a factory reset and then see how u go. Good to experiment with different triggers too.

    ps - i have an 8" mesh kick, i had double hits and also sorted that by setting the beater to strike just under the centre of the pad (bout 1 inch) if i went to centre or above it was double hits. This reduced some of the bounce. Worked in my case.

    Ps2 - When i upgraded my module i also upgraded the cymbals, the TD6 seems more forgiving on the CY8's etc so it may be that your CY6 needs the pixie dust removing (rubber waste that builds up, see it in the search engine under "pixie dust") or maybe reseat the piezo.
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