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Subwoofer suggestion

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  • Subwoofer suggestion

    I'm running a Roland T12 through a pair of JBL G2's. and the 15's just don't hit the Bass the way I anticipated. Looking for a Sub that can take the pounding.

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    I run a Mackie SAWM1501 and it rocks. It gives you that great live arena/stadium sound for the drums and they say its powerful enough for an audience up to 300! Expensive though at 600 in the UK but seriously does your V's justice! Expect the walls to shake!



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      I have a pair of the Mackie SWA 1801s that will thunder-kick your nuts into next week. I really like the Mackie subs.


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        I had a 800w RCF sub with a 450w matching top cabinet... simply phenomenal. Too much though really as it ended up just being used at home. The cab is just fine, loads of bass so I sold the sub to the band and it goes live now, which makes a real difference.
        A buttkicker helps generate the psycho-acoustic boooom us drummers crave...


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          How about a bolt on.


          Or build a throne with a killer 10" or 12" in it like. A floor tom with a baffle mid way up.

          If you go to In-Ears (Shures SE210 or Westone UM1) and a feed from FOH and/or your module to a Rolls PM351 and of course a bridge amp, You'll be in air displacement heaven.

          Direct Punch is the issue! Try to bypass the air.

          OB Jim


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            Go to your local electronics store and pick up a cheap automobile subwoofer cabinet, with one or two 12" speakers in it......some places have them for around $100. You can power it with an existing amp plus a filter or crossover, or, buy an automobile subwoofer amp, (anywhere from 200W-400W), and a 12Volt power supply......These things really kick ass! and don't cost a lot.
            I used a 600W Jensen sub, and powered it with a 100W keyboard amp that I had lying around.....running the input off my LF tap on my mixer. Total cost:$39 plus the labour of designing and building the folded-horn cabinet for the subwoofer,(not for the faint-of-heart)......Even at only 100W, when you hit the kick, the room MOVES!.....You feel it way more than hear it.

            Myke C.