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Auxillery Question/TD-12

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  • Auxillery Question/TD-12

    Hey all! My TD-12 will be arriving tomorrow and I have a rather newbiesh (read stupid) question. The kit I will be receiving shipped with the extra cymbal pad, so I'm thinking that I'll still have two auxillery spots open.

    Can these spots be used for anything--extra cymbal pads, extra tom pads, even extra snare pads???

    Your help is appreciated.

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    shorrtly: yes, but

    if you go to http://lib.roland.co.jp/manual/en/dl...inations45.pdf

    you will find a chart with all the combinations...the thing you will have to look carefully at the chart is if an extra snare would have all the facilities of the snare input - positional sensing rims, and all that...but the chart reveals all...ok, i checked that, it looks like positional sensing is ok on rims, but not head..., but not cross sticks on a second snare....but take a look yourself...

    EDIT: if you are using a pre programmed kit, by the by, and have some weird combination of snares etc you will have to go in yourself and change the default instrument to your preference..but you knew that didnt you? just nattering on here.....
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      That helps a bunch, just what I needed. Thanks!!!


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        I think everything would work on Aux inputs, including head positional sensing and cross stick.