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CY12 R/C bell sound

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  • CY12 R/C bell sound

    The first thing I did with my new TD12 module was load it up with VEX kits, and while I'm blown away with these, I just have one question: although there are some superb ride sounds, I just can't seem get a nice ringing bell sound that cuts through for when you want to drive the music into top gear (funnily enough, the old TD6 seemed a little better at this, although there was obviously no comparison in the quality of the samples). I don't mean activating the bell, just the sound it produces.

    As I've left most of the tweaking to those VEX chappies, I'm not too sure what parameter I need to alter for the head sound to achieve this. Anybody help?

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    I hear you. I have most of my rides using either #357 or #360 (don't rmember) on the TD12. Take a look ... That may fit your needs. I also tune down the volume of the ride bow relative to the bell in the mixer (not the fader)


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      Thanks - I'll give it a go tonight.