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m-audio uno and vista

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  • m-audio uno and vista

    I have an M-Audio UNO and I am running Windows Vista. When I plug it into my module and computer, only the usb light and midi in lights come on. Also, when I try to link TD Studio and my TD-20 it says "Failed to automatically recognize your TD Module". Any thoughts?
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    Which flavour of Vista are you running? There have been some problems with the 64-bit version and the multimedia version. The 32-bit Business and standard versions of Vista seem to be ok, but I really doubt that it's an O/S problem.

    I suggest trying the support guys from TD Studio as it is most likely the app that is not recognising your module - you may be able to name your specific module somewhere in thie App.


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      Try downloading a Vista driver from M-Audio: TD-12 VDrumLib / MIDI Communication Error

      Series II MIDI Driver Installation Instructions for Windows Vista (32 bit)

      and/or disconnect the other MIDI cable: M-Audio UNO Issues?



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        Thanks, BarT. That was exactly what I needed!
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