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Roland TD-12 master and direct outputs

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  • Roland TD-12 master and direct outputs

    I am looking into upgrading my Roland TD-9 module with the TD-12 module. The one question I have is this:

    With master L/R and 2 direct outs, can the output configuration be split into 4 separate tracks? The manual shows a L/R display in their sample Setup -> Output screen.

    If anyone has successfully split a TD-12 module into 4 tracks for recording/live mixing, please let me know so I can pull the trigger on the upgrade.

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    Yes, it's possible; but to get four totally separate outputs you would need to switch off ambience and effects for the master outputs, as they are available only in stereo and would therefore sound like bleed through from one track to another: Live outputs on a TD-12



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      To paraphrase what I've seen thus far -

      For a small gig with minimal PA system, having kits that just mix through main L/R make sense.

      For a larger gig with a FOH and monitor sound engineer team, sending the 4 unprocessed direct outs is great - they will want to add their own outboard compression and reverb anyway, just like an acoustic kit.

      That being the case, the TD-12 makes sense for me, and I'll just divide my patches into 2 sets - premixed/effected and 4-track.

      Thanks - great information!