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roland module + yamaha triggers?

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  • roland module + yamaha triggers?

    The other day I was thinking about which kit to buy. Either the yamaha dtxtreme III or the td-12.

    I love Roland's module but the kit looks like a toy. I also love the yamaha's feeling and look.

    If I would plug yamaha pads and cymbals into a Roland td-12 sound module, would it work at all?

    also, would v-edit work?

    thanks a lot

    - Gost

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    It all depends on what Yamaha triggers you're using. The DTXtremes uses all TP120s & 100s which are special three zone stereo piezo switches. I know these do not work with the older Roland modules, and doubtful it will work with the TD-12 based on past compatibility discussions I've read. The older single and dual zone triggers work fine with Roland modules, but those are basic rubber pads, which I doubt you'd like.

    I can't speak for the DTXtreme III, but the DTXtreme II doesn't compare at all to the TD-12 in terms of sound quality and realism in my opinion.

    On the other hand, when it comes to cymbals, the Yamaha PCY130-155 series cymbals are a better choice the Roland CYs in terms of feel and durability. I've recently switched to these and am quite impressed.


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      doxxon3, do you use the PCY135 or PCY155? If so, did you have to modify them or any settings in the module?

      Are you using a PCY150? If so, did you modify that and do you still have the instructions?

      Thanks in advance for any info.



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        Yamaha cymbals:

        PCY130, PCY130S = 100% compatible with roland modules out fo the box.

        PCY150S = minor modification needed for 2 zone compatibility, 3 zone requires soldering etc.

        -typical round pads with the red knob etc... most will "operate" with one zone, but are not 2 zone compatible without using a Keith Raper Circuit Box etc (I might have that backwards... it might be Roland needs the Raper to work with Yammie...search the forums)

        Old small rubber pad type yammie pads should work fine.

        New Yammie Cymbals (PCY135s etc)....jury is still out.

        Hope I helped more than confused!!!

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          I use both the PCY130 and 150 series with my TD12. The new 135 and 155 series also works well. I get bow and edge with both. The bell however seems tied in with the edge. So on the ride. I just up the gain for the edge when I want to hit the bell area and functions like a regular two-way ride. I don't use the edge that much on the ride.
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            Can someone tell me why the Yamaha PCY65S 3-Zone Electronic Cymbal Pad is cheaper than the PCY130 single zone? And how is the PCY150S different from the PCY65S (both 3-zone)? Do any of these have choke capability?



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              the 65S is a pizza piece shaped cymbal. 130 is a whole cymbal and looks better. 150S is also a whole cymbal and doesn't look dodgy as 65S which has a seperate donut in the middle for bell triggering. So apart from triggering 130 and 150S has the looks. 65S just looks weird.