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HD-1 Kick Too Loud

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  • HD-1 Kick Too Loud

    Hi, I just got an HD-1, which I really enjoy, but the kick is way too loud. Obviously the little module that comes with it doesn't give any options for adjusting. Not knowing exactly how these things work, here's what I was wondering... If I spliced a "volume" control into the kick cable, could I dial back the signal going to the module and lower its volume that way?

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    The signal from the pad to the module is not audio. It is midi-based, so the cable is just transporting information about how hard the pad has been hit, and the module is making the sound. Without a separate mixer within the module for the bass drum, you may be out of luck.
    The only option (be it a poor one) may be to run the audio through an external mixer then cut back on the bass. Unfortunately, it will cut back on ALL the bass, including the toms, but it WILL help in reducing the boom of the kick drum.


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      are you using headphones or an amp.you could try different headphones or if using an amp just try facing it in different directions to try rolling off some bass. ive found the hd-1 i have is perfect as far as volumes go between the different drum sounds. maybe your just sensative to bass frequencies.


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        The signal from the drum pad/trigger to the module is not midi-based. It is an electrical signal from a piezo transducer. I said "volume," but I should have been more specific and said a potentiometer (which is what a volume control is) to reduce the output signal going to the module.

        The question though, is how the module interprets that signal and if the signal is reduced, would it still trigger appropriately. I suppose the easiest thing would be to borrow a volume pedal from a friend and connect it in line from the kick and module, and see how it behaves.

        I've tried different headphones and amp. It's just too loud for my taste. Way too out front.

        I guess the other option is to buy a different module, like the TD-3 that would allow me to control the level for each drum individually. But I'd rather spend a few dollars on a pot and a couple 1/4" jacks and spend 20 mins wiring it up than a few hundred on another module.

        I guess I'll go the route of borrowing a volume pedal first, and see how that does... I'll report back with my findings.


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          changing the voltage from the piezo (drum pad) by using resistance (resistors in line) is gonna screw up the sensativity of the pad. if you want to lower the bass drum just run the outs of the hd-1 through a cheapo mixer and roll off the lower bass frequencies. if you set it correctly it shouldnt mess with the toms too much.http://www.musiciansfriend.com/produ...802?sku=631263


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            Right... that's essentially the effect I'm looking for... Lower sensitivity=lower volume threshold.


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              Pad sensitivity can be set in the module but is global and effects all the pads at the same time but it may be a way to test if that's the desired outcome on that one pad before you borrow a volume pedal. Reduced sensitivity will take some of the edge off the volume so your normal foot strike will produce a softer hit or vice versa. I'm very surprised that this model has no internal mixer for such a high price (£459 in UK) i can get a TD3 for £599.
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                When this thread was started, I downloaded the HD-1 manual and was also amazed that the only sensitivity adjustment is a global one. Especially considering the mix of mesh and rubber pads.