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Digital Noise on Laptop computer when Recording

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  • Digital Noise on Laptop computer when Recording

    I don't know if this topic has been placed on this forum before, but here is my story anyway.. I have been trying to use Sonar7 to record my drums intoan audio track as well as recording the Midi info to print score. I also connected a Behringer external usb sound card so that I could record a sep sound track ( Ipod) and do this all at the same time.. apart from getting rid of latencey I was getting a lot of noise (digital) I relised that the power supplies for laptops are cr-p and I use an aftermarket power supply at the correct voltage and current rate. It fixed the proplem and all the noise was gone . However 3 days later the power supply went bang and blew up my laptop . Even worse a new motherboard for my unit was $600.00

    Anyway I have another laptop now and I got the horrid noise back... Well advice to all is very simple.. If you have noise on your laptop when recording your music and drums, there is a VERY easy way to fix it..

    After all that has happened to me I decided to cut off the earth pin on m Australia power plug of the laptop.. ALL the noise is now gone. As the power pack is fully sheilded and is a plastic housing, I would suggest it would be safe to no have the earth pin. Not a lot different to a desk side lap that has no earth pin... Any way some may not agree with this part, but make your own choice.. My noise is gone and I am getting great recordings using my external and internal sound cards..

    I also have one stuffed up laptop that smells like burnt toast.... Oh well,, Stuff like this keeps life interesting...and exspensive..


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    Hi bud

    I had that and it sounds like noise/interference from the earth (ground loop noise) ... removing the earth from the plug is a little dangerous, u can use a dual input di box with an earth uplift switch placed between laptop and speakers. They are quite cheap and usually run on small 9v battery.

    or maybe just run on your laptop battery in 2 hour stints? ..

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