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SPD-S problem - card unsupported

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  • SPD-S problem - card unsupported


    SPD-S problem:
    When I insert a compact flash card into my SPD-S it comes up with the message "Welcome to SPD-S.....checking card...unsupported";
    - I have tried a 16MB card and a 2GB card with the same results
    - I have done a soft reboot and a cold boot and still the same results

    Any ideas?

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    The Roland website has a link to a document that lists the Compact Flash cards that are compatible with the SPD-S. You can even use the search engine on this forum to find that list and other cards that users have discovered that work but aren't listed.

    However, 512Mb is the largest CF that is supported. Your 2Gb will not work, no matter what the brand.
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      Thanks TNT,

      I was thinking that the SPD-S may be faulty and dreading the repair cost.

      I guess I'll keep the 2GB until I can afford a TD-20.....hopefully it will work in that.


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        Links for compatibility List

        I was looking for this info as well. Here is the link on the Roland site

        I did have success with a cisco flash card that I had from work as well.



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          The SPDs will not take compact flash cards larger than 512 Meg. Also, you will need to make sure that you use AIF or WAV files that are 16 bit. It will not except any other bit rate. You can alter the bit rates on your sequencing software.
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            Hi 71-jazz,

            I managed to obtain a couple of 512MB CF cards (one for the SPD-S and one for the TD-20) and all is working fine now.

            It's a pity Roland don't do a BIOS update to allow larger cards to be read - even if they just get formatted down to 512MB, as the smaller cards are becoming hard to find.


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              Yes, it's annoying, I just purchased another two 512 meg cards incase the manufacturers eventually discontinue them. They are getting a little harder to come by. Larger storage cards are getting cheaper by the day as well.
              Hart Dynamics TE 3.2, Roland TD 10, Alesis Trigger I/O Logic PRO, Yamaha DTX 2.0


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                In fact, its bizarre that the device is still a current model and being sold, but without the ability to use available cards!

                No store regularly stocks anything smaller than 2GB anymore. I lucked out and found one store with one leftover 1GB in stock which I grabbed for my Boss BR-864 8-track recorder. (it cannot use anything bigger, but it has a wider range of compatible cards than the SPD-S)

                I now use the 256MB card that came free with the BR-864 for my SPD-S. Were it not for that, I wouldn't be able to use the SPD-S at all!


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                  The card limitation is a bummer. The expansion card for the TD-20 will cure the problem for that module. I am wondering if it can be fixed via software for the SPD-S. I sure hope so.


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                    Guys - you can still get 512MB CF cards from a place in Australia called "Cheap as Chips".

                    They were $24 each including postage about a month ago - it should cost too much more to get them posted to the U.S. - and they accept paypal etc.


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                      Originally posted by Michael Render View Post
                      The card limitation is a bummer. The expansion card for the TD-20 will cure the problem for that module.
                      Could Michael or anyone remind me what we know about that and where the information appeared? I've searched lots but can't find a reference to TDW-20 CF card capacity.




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                        You know Bruce, I can't seem to find any mention either. So where did I get that stuck in my head? I know the backups have been extended to 99 and that there is 100 kits per backup instead of 50. But I can't find anything else.