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Configuration guide??

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  • Configuration guide??

    Hi everybody, I'm new to drum and I just bought a new Roland TD3 drum kit. I'm practicing songs and I'm using Guitar Pro to read my tabs. However there are a lot of notes that I'm not sure how to configure. For example, if I watch the percussion window, all notes are there and I would like to know if there is a place where I can find which setup on my drum fits which note in the software (for example "35 - Acoustic bass drum" vs "36 - Bass drum 1"). I would like to have a guide that would say for example "Acoustic bass drum" is K01 and "Bass Drum 1" is K02.

    This is probably a stupid question, but since I'm new to drum, I would need a little bit of help. I mostly have problem to configure "Low floor tom" and "high floor tom" and stuff like that.

    Any suggestion where I could get such a guide??


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    The problem is that Guitar Pro is going to use the GM (General MIDI) drum map, which is listed below. Obviously, the TD-3 doesn't have all of these. I tried to make all the TD3 equivelents for you.

    35 Acoustic Bass Drum
    36 Bass Drum 1 (TD3 Kick)
    37 Side Stick
    38 Acoustic Snare (TD3 Snare Head)
    39 Hand Clap
    40 Electric Snare (TD3 Snare Rim)
    41 Low Floor Tom (TD3 Tom 3)
    42 Closed Hi-Hat (TD3 Closed Hi-Hat)
    43 High Floor Tom
    44 Pedal Hi-Hat (TD3 Pedal Hi-Hat)
    45 Low Tom (TD3 Tom2)
    46 Open Hi-Hat (TD3 Open Hi-Hat)
    47 Low-Mid Tom
    48 Hi-Mid Tom (TD3 Tom 1)
    49 Crash Cymbal 1 (TD3 Crash1)
    50 High Tom
    51 Ride Cymbal 1 (TD3 Ride Bow)
    52 Chinese Cymbal
    53 Ride Bell (TD3 Ride Edge)
    54 Tambourine
    55 Splash Cymbal
    56 Cowbell
    57 Crash Cymbal 2 (TD3 Crash 2)
    58 Vibraslap
    59 Ride Cymbal 2
    60 Hi Bongo
    61 Low Bongo
    62 Mute Hi Conga
    63 Open Hi Conga
    64 Low Conga
    65 High Timbale
    66 Low Timbale
    67 High Agogo
    68 Low Agogo
    69 Cabasa
    70 Maracas
    71 Short Whistle
    72 Long Whistle
    73 Short Guiro
    74 Long Guiro
    75 Claves
    76 Hi Wood Block
    77 Low Wood Block
    78 Mute Cuica
    79 Open Cuica
    80 Mute Triangle
    81 Open Triangle


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      Thx dude!!

      You rock!!!!