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About to buy an iMac...

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  • About to buy an iMac...

    Hi everyone,

    I plan to record my TD12 into a new iMac, through a digital console.

    Last time I recorded unto an intel based iMac (noy sure the specs), there was a slight latency issue which disrupted my playing tremendously.

    Does anyone know the best iMac I can buy which will record with no latency? I know the most expensive will be the best, but would any other model do the trick?

    This could help:

    Thanks a lot.
    Td-12 not yet customized. Recording into Logic using an iMac and a Presonus Firebox.

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    I think the selling point of an iMac is that it is an all-in-one. I don't see any sound card specs there. But in my Mini, the sound card is simply listed as Intel High Definition Audio, so it's probable that an iMac also uses a similar on-board chip.

    My opinion is that you'll need an external sound card to get best performance. It's likely that no matter which iMac you buy they will all have the same integrated audio chip.

    This site might be helpful: http://macaudioguy.com/

    Recording via Garage Band will be something I'm going to do soon, so I'll be interested in how you go.
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      GarageBand isn't really the best program for that... It can record sounds via midi, but it just isn't that robust.

      The iMac does not have a dedicated sound, and it is an handled on-board. I would doubt that you would get much latency from what I have heard from other people (I have recorded onto my MacBook and didn't notice any latency).

      I guess the question has to be why are you recording, if it is to mix commercially, then get the Mac Pro tower, if you are just doing it for fun the iMac should be plenty of computer for you.

      A great forum that I use for all my Mac questions in forums.macrumors.com they even have a few people who use their Macs for the purposes you want, you can definitely get a good answer there.


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        The best advice I can give you is to contact Brian Parnell, the MacGuy, either via his website: http://themacguysite.com/index.html, or via phone: 843-652-0099. I visited his store in May and he has an entire studio set up there. He knows all the ins and outs of recording on a Mac. He even has a V-drums kit in there. He's a great guy and very willing to help. Good luck.
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