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Roland TD-3KW - most realistic kit?

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  • Picksorsticks
    I like #1

    i've had a TD-3 for over a year and have pretty much stayed on kit #1. I like #1 better than #11, the snare has a lower pitched sound on #1 and the toms sound a little better as well. I just tried both #1 and #11.

    I think most people have an ideal tone/sound in their head for their instrument that they strive for. In my guitar playing days, my Pre-CBS Fender Vibroverb amp just sounded so sweet and nice. I haven't been close to that tone since.

    I'm not sure what my ideal drum sound would be.......maybe someday I'll figure it out.


    TD-3KW, Pintech Dingbat and mesh snare, toms, kick, PM-10, Zildjian anti-vibe sticks, Tama HP 200 pedal, Sound Percussion throne, iPod

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  • saku
    I dont have a 3 so I wont answer the first part of your question.

    I will answer the second, though: the drum kit should be set up so that it is the most comfortable and ergonomic for YOU. Everyone has a differnt length of arm, leg, spine, so place all the pads so that you can hit them as comfortably as possible!

    For instance, Superpuss has shown me the idea of moving the high hat and the snare to dead centre, and placing the toms from far left to far right -all high- , symetrical, and i find that much more comfortable, esp for getting at the ride cymbal.

    Find out what works for you, that is the whole of the Law.

    keep the beat!


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  • miles267
    started a topic Roland TD-3KW - most realistic kit?

    Roland TD-3KW - most realistic kit?

    Hi, I just picked up a Roland TD-3KW v-drum kit in an effort to teach myself how to play. While it defaults to kit #1, it almost sounds as if #11 sounds the most like an acoustic set. Would other TD-3 owners agree?

    Was also trying to determine the best configuration for this kit -- particularly the placement and height of the snare and low/floor tom. The picture on the Roland site (and the manual) show the snare very high (just below the high hat) and the low tom below the rack bar. Not to mention, they show the clamp for the low tom pointing downward (instead of upward like that of the high and mid toms). Found that a bit odd?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.