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How do I back-up TD-6V settings?.....

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  • How do I back-up TD-6V settings?.....

    ...according to the manual I need a midi sequencer to transfer the contents from the TD-6V, is there a cheap device such as this available? Thanks.

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    All you need is a USB->MIDI cable capable of recieving SYX files (do a search here), a PC and software such as VDrumLibrary ($20) or other 'free' software.

    Its dead easy, but be careful which USB cable you buy as many don't allow SYX files to be uploaded/downloaded.



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      Hi Chevvies,

      Just a computer and MIDI to USB cable as jweaver says - use the dump instructions in your TD-6V manual - it's fairly quick.

      VDrumlibrary is worth the $20 as it allows you to manipulate your patches a bit, but you don't need it if all you want is to backup your syx file.


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        Thanks folks, I will look at VDrumLib again as I am using Mac OSX, and last time I tried it wasn't very Mac friendly but maybe things have changed.

        TD Drum Studio looks great too but it's not ready for Mac yet.


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          Originally posted by TNT View Post
          One such program is TD Drum Studio. http://tdstudio.rejibyte.com/

          How I wish I could recommend TDS.. I LOVE it... Personally (for me) its much closer to what I want than VDrumLib.. And its free...

          But it doesn't work.. Atleast it doesn't work on my TD8!

          For a start, 80% of the SYX files I have (some free, some VEX) don't even open (I think this is linked to whether the SYX is a 'full' dump (i.e including settings) or just a 'kit' dump).

          But then when I send kits to my TD8, the snare and Tom1 don't have any sounds.. Even if you just send ONE kit, its the same.. I contacted the author of TDS many times to tell him about my findings, but I am getting the feeling that development has stopped.

          Its got some great functionality (some of which I hope gets added to VDL) specifically the fact that you can send 'non-contiguous' kits (i.e kits in positions 1, 5, 9, 10, 12, etc) but its bugged beyond belief!