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Gibraltar Curved (long)

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  • Gibraltar Curved (long)

    Thanks to some suggestions from this forum I purcahsed the gibralter curved rack with two side arms and 2 cymbal stands from musiciaiansfriend.com, a great deal as far as I can tell.

    I have some "custom" made e-drums that I am using on the rack. Not ever seeing this rack in person nor seeing it with drums attached, I am attaching them the best I can see fit. I would REALLY appreicate pictures (close-up) of how drums *should* be attched.

    Reason for this, my drums have a metal body that comes to a flattened point at the bottom with a screw hole. The multiclamps (I think that is their name) that came with the rack don't have a screw to screw the drums into, so I used the clamp to clamp one arm of the drum body to the rack. I am sure this isn't how it should be. Seems that I am missing some piece of hardware.

    I am also interested in a way to mount my DM5 to the rack (right now it is dangling on zip ties).

    I took some pictures, hopefully those will illustrate what I am trying to describe.
    http://neo.scottberry.com/drums/1.jpg http://neo.scottberry.com/drums/2.jpg http://neo.scottberry.com/drums/3.jpg http://neo.scottberry.com/drums/4.jpg

    Any help is definitely appreciated.


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    Oh, also any comments on how I have the snares and toms setup? Is that correct?

    Also, I have some smaller pads (converted practice pads) for the cymbals. I would like to use the included cymbal arms, so I am thinking some of the e-cymbals (I've seen like 1/4 circle pads). Any comments on those? Will those mount on there? Are they any good?



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      I don't have pics cause my drums aren't here right now, but USUALLY, there is a clamp of some ilk on the drum itself. Then there is some kind of rod that clamps into the "multi-clamp_ on the Gibraltar rack. Your drum would clamp on to the rod in the multi-clamp.

      Notice I said usually... You might want to try a bolt screwed into the center hole of the frame of your drums (roto-toms, right?) and clamp that into the multi-clamp... though it seems to work the way you've got it now.

      The snare is another story. I assume you are using the larger drum between the 2 toms as your snare... I think you'd be happier mounting it on a seperate snare stand... that'd probably put it into a more comfortable position for ya...

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