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Rimshot cutting out the head sound?!?

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  • Rimshot cutting out the head sound?!?

    TD-12 with RT-10 Snare Trigger Question

    Using the default settings provided in the manual, I was finding that occasionally including the rim into a snare hit would cut out the head sound, leaving me with just the weak rim. This never happened using a V-Pad.


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    Ahhhhh boy....

    Can't confirm it till I get back to the gig tonight, but perhaps using the STEREO patch cord for the snare trigger might help.....


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      I suspect you were using the correct stereo cable, because with a mono cable you'd never get a different sound of any description from the rim.

      But with any Roland module you never get both head and rim sounds at the same time; it's always one or the other. If you have XSTICK switched on for a kit (F5), then there are two different sounds available from the rim; and I think you're just hearing the Xstick sound when you're expecting the rim shot sound. I suggest increasing Rim Gain beyond the recommended 1.0 and/or reducing XStick Thrshld from the recommended 90; both on the TRIGGER ADVANCED RIM screen. This will make it easier to produce the louder rim shot sound instead of the quieter cross stick sound. Another alternative if you don't want the cross stick sound with a particular kit is just to switch it off with F5.



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        Understood - thanks for the detailed info. It is really hard to find info about using the RT-10 triggers in this entire forum. They are paired with a TD-12, and I have no issue with crosstalk between drums, and the only adjustment I've made to recommended settings is to the threshold and sensitivity to get more dynamics, along with lowering the retrigger cancel so that buzz rolls would catch. Everything is great - just this particular issue has caught me out.