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drum thrones

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  • drum thrones

    I've been playing drums for years and my back never bothered me, even though I've had a back problem for years. But lately my back has been bothering me when I'm playing and really killing me the next day to a point where I have to take the day off. I have one of those cheap thrones that you get for about 30 bucks. I've been reading about the importance of a good throne and I'm curious if anyone has any advice on a good throne. I've been looking at the Pearl D2000BR Roadster it comes with or without the backrest... I just don't know if you can add the backrest later. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Try this thread


    Hint: 3 (?) words...


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      I've got a pork pie saddle style throne and I love it! If you are looking for a nice throne with back support look into the soundseat, I've never tried one but everyone I've heard of that has one loves it.

      Scroll down to see the throne:
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