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Unique Kick Pedal

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  • Unique Kick Pedal

    Is anyone familiar with the E-Pedal kick pedal made about 20 years ago? I bought two when they first came out. They're built like a tank, all machined aluminum. They took a little while to get used to, but I've played nothing else since I bought them and love them. They're responsive, reliable, and a nice low profile. I think the company disappeared a few years later. For some reason I think they were located in California but I'm not sure.

    Anyway, I'd love to get another pair of these. I am hoping, Hoping, HOPING that someone here is familiar and either has one they want to get rid of or know someone who does. And in my wildest dreams, the guys who made them still have a few in boxes stuffed into a back corner of the garage somewhere and are reading this.

    Thanks much.

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    Axis ?


    check out Axis Percussion - I think they made it.

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      I think you are right Mr Beater. A piece of e-drum history right there.

      I am not surprised on the build quality. My A-series pedals are sooooo well made, proper happy bunny here


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        Thanks guys. I went to the Axis site and did some searching. Apparently, they were originally known as Engineered Percussion (which I immediately recognized once I saw it) and then changed to the current name. I sent an email to them but have not heard back yet. I assume that they haven't made these for many years and I'm SOL, but maybe there's still some floating around on the used market.