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Roland TD-3 KW - a good idea?

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  • Copper
    Happy TD-3 owner

    For what its worth, I'm (re)new to drumming after about 19 years, so I bought a TD-3. (My excuse to my wife was stress relief.) As I am basically new, a TD-3 has everything I need for now. I like the coaching features and to my inexperienced ears, the sounds are great. I don't know a lot about the TD-6, but I felt the TD-3 was better for me. On the other hand, Daveybabes implied, a lot of people think that getting the best module early saves money down the road. Good luck with your decision and search. And Happy Drumming!

    Just my 6 cents (inflation, you know).


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  • daveybabes


    I would look at a nearly new TD6 on ebay, you may get one with a decent keyboard amp included, better equiped for the low frequencies all for your £600.


    This one looks far better with a mesh snare - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Roland-V-Drums...6.c0.m14.l1308

    You get the idea though yeah? just a case of lurking around Ebay and bag a bargain, that 2nd one is basically new and the TD6 is more advanced than the TD3.

    Dave They are like new cars really, as soon as they leave the showroom they lose 25% - 40% of new value so i always take advantage of that fact.

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  • Dave2008
    started a topic Roland TD-3 KW - a good idea?

    Roland TD-3 KW - a good idea?