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PD-120 pad noise

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  • PD-120 pad noise

    Hello all,

    I recently put together a v-drum set based on the TD-9 module. I got a used PD-120 pad for the snare.

    I'm always plaing with headphones, and with a reasonable volume set I hear about half pad-noise and half drum sound from the module...Is it really supposed to be this loud? It seems to me that the tension is set really hard on the pad (I haven't changed anything since I bought the pad), will it help if I try to lessen the tension?

    Grateful for any input.

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    I can't imagine loosening the head would be a dramatic change. The most important aspect of head tension is how it feels.

    What kind of headphones are you using? I had the same problem while using a pair of "on" ear headphones. Just got the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 over-the -ear ones and they block out an enormous amount of the pad noise. The difference was night and day in comparison.


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      Hi there,

      I'm using a pair of Sennheiser headphones (HD 600 to be exact) and they do cover the ears completely.

      I agree the most important thing is how the pad feels, however, I went for v-drums since I live in an apartment so how much noise the pad makes is definitly important. I guess I'm just surprised at how much noise it actually makes...it's sort of like hitting a practice pad but with a slight metallic ringing noise attached...very annoying.


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        Just looked into you phones on amazon, and on their review:
        "Furthermore, the HD600's open-ear design means that sounds pass easily into and out of these headphones..."

        You might do better with a closed-type over-the-ear setup. More gear...yeah!