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Suggestion on remote hi-hat and basedrum pedal hardware

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  • Ruffneck
    As i got no suggestions i headed down to the drum store to test for myself. Of course everyone should do the same as tastes and feelings of the pedal are so personal. I tested the Iron Cobra, Axis and Pearl Eliminator. And i ended up with the Eliminator. What i thought about the Pearl that it was very smooth, interchangeable cams is a really good feature and they were dead silent. The Iron Cobra rattled like a old locomotive and the Axis felt very strange (All tho that might just be a question of time before getting used to it). Also the price was right for the Pearl pedal. Overall the Pearl "feel" suited best for me of those 3 tested. I did not test the DW pedals as the salesmen did not recommend DW pedals anyway.

    The remote hi-hat pedal feels a little "stiff" at the moment, but i have to play with the cams and other settings. I have placed the VH-11 hi-hat a little right from the middle. At the same time i bought a CY-12 and boom, and i placed that to the left of me, as a "detox" hi-hat, while i'm getting used to have the hi-hat in the middle. Later on i can assign it as a crash or china.



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  • Suggestion on remote hi-hat and basedrum pedal hardware

    Greetings all!
    To make a long story short, i sold my TD-6 module 2 months ago and have since been without a soundmodule. In the meantime i have been working on a Megadrum module and i finally have made the order for the missing parts. I intend to run this with a ultraportable laptop + a firewire ESI DuaFire soundcard. Please be aware of that you really need descent hardware to run the DuaFire. I got it to work ok with Asio4all drivers after some tweaking. About 4ms latency, pretty good i think. The drivers that came with the soundcard are pure crap.

    So there i have been without any drumsounds and just practicing rudiments. While doing this i got so fed up with either hitting my arms or sticks while playing the hi-hat crossed. So i googled for a while and i found the remote hi-hat. Perfect! Now the question is, should i go with the Pearl RH-2000 or the DW 9502LB? The price difference is significant with Pearl being the cheaper one. I have been testing to have the hi-hat a little bit to the right from the middle of the whole setup. Here are some pictures of it.

    Any comments on this?

    I have also whacked on new pedals. I currently have a Drum-Tec standard double pedal