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Ddrum4 Pads with TD-20 Module

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  • Ddrum4 Pads with TD-20 Module

    I'd like to use the Ddrum4 hat with the TD-20 module. What I would ultimately like to do is use the Ddrum4 pads with the TD-20 module.

    I purchased a Ddrum4 Cast precision set & a TD-20 module & they are on their way to my home as I type this. I'd like to know if I'm going to need to make any kind of adapters in order to make this configuration work so I can start putting the adapters together now. I have a strong feeling that I'm going to have to re-wire the Ddrum Hi-hat to work with the TD-20. Might anyone have a schematic for either the Ddrum4 or the TD-20?

    The only thing I think I've figured out is that both the V-Hat & Ddrum hat communicate via midi CC signals (whatever that means), which tells me that it should hopefully work one way or the next. I'm hoping that worst case scenario is that plugging the Ddrum hat into the TD-20 module will result in open/close/chick sounds, just scrambled. This way I could simply change the sounds within the TD-20, or re-wire the cables if I have to. I'm not sure if each CC signal is configurable within the TD-20, or if it is going to "Auto-calibrate", or whatever it is that it does to make the V-Hat work.

    Thanks for your help!
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