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Td-12 Compressor????

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  • Td-12 Compressor????

    Hello, everyone, Looking for some help. I purchased 2 Tapco Thump speakers. They sound fantastic!!!! In order to protect them from the high frequencies and pounding of electronic drums, I was told to use a compressor and EQ when playing live. Instead of hauling a separate compressor and EQ, can I use the internal ones in the TD-12??? If so, what would the settings be???? Thanks for any help.

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    Come on people.... Someone must have some input. Thanks...


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      I'm no expert at this stuff but it seems to me that you may be worrying unecessarily. I think you just need to adjust the volume to avoid distortion. I use Mackie's for my V-Drums and they make Tapco stuff. According to their website they have some electronic wizardry which will protect them wrt heat and sound:

      "Because we know you probably push your loudspeakers really hard for long periods of time, we added some extra circuitry to keep your TH-15As performing at their best. You can run them to clipping without fear of thermal damage. We know things can get pretty hot in the real world, so if the electronics do overheat, separate thermal switches activate and shut down the high and/or low frequency amplifiers until they cool down. Each driver has its own transparent compression circuit, which helps protect them from damaging transient peaks. An Over-excursion filter, inserted just before the low frequency amplifier, protects the woofer from bottoming-out when the low-end is driven to the maximum. These extra protections ensure long life and loudspeakers you can count on."

      Hope this helps.


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        Yes, and Compression will help as well with the volume limiting. I use an 8:1 ratio and quite a bit of attack.
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          Thanks Guys, The help is appreciated.