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Upgrade PD-105 snare to PD-125 on Td-12?

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  • Upgrade PD-105 snare to PD-125 on Td-12?

    Hi I am thinking of upgrading my snare from 105 to 125.

    I know they are functionally the same, but I think the 12" will feel more like my acoustic kit, and the spacings between drums fill look/feel more realistic.

    Also I can then use the 105 as my floor tom.

    Has anyone done this upgrade, and it is worth the considerable amount of money?

    I have upgraded my ride from CY-12 to CY-15 and it was definitely worth it.
    Roland TD-12
    Photos: http://tinyurl.com/ytmyba

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    I went to a PD-120 for a snare (same diff) on my 12. Yes, you can use the 105 as a floor tom. Yes, I felt it was worth it.
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      I did the same thing,the pd105 is way too small. I feel that the 8"toms are too small too. For that kind of money they should be a minimum of 10".My problem with the td-12 is that when I first played them they felt like toys but I'm getting used to them but with the 12" snare it makes all the difference. definitely worth it !!!


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        Have done the upgrade now. It's great having a bigger snare and floor tom.

        I only play a 4 piece kit, so I now have 2 spare PD-85s. Don't really want more toms, not quite sure what I want to do with them. Leave them on the floor most likely.

        Pics to follow soon.
        Roland TD-12
        Photos: http://tinyurl.com/ytmyba


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          You can still add a 13" Hart Dynamics snare, even bigger and thus more realistic looking and feeling... Than you can change the PD-105 floortom into a PD-125 floortom. This is called G.A.S.

          Serious thought, instead of lying the pads on the ground, you can always sell them, or use them as e.g. an auxiliary snare on your left hand side. Or even at a (floor)tom on the left hand side. Can get you some nice fills...

          'lectric drumma
          Roland TD-20, Hart Dynamics 7.6, 2 x PD-7, extra PD-7 and Hart Snare laying around, Vic Firth Dave Weckl signature sticks, Axis A-longboards double pedal, Sony MDR-CD780 headphones and not enough inputs.


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            I did the very same thing. Now using my PD-105 + an extra PD-105 as toms and bought 3 PD-125's for snare and floortoms.
            TD-20 brain, TDW-20 expanded! MDS-20BK, 3x PD125, 2x PD105, 3x CY-14C, CY-15R, CY-12R/C, Hart ECII-10B, VH-11, KD-120, Tama IronCobra Rolling Glides and pearl hardware.
            Loving it every second..